/ 20 December 2017

ANC commission lock horns on monopoly capital

Last week
Last week

The ANC’s Strategies and Tactics Commission for the most part stuck to the resolutions it took at its national policy conference but members of the commission locked horns and could not find each other on the definition of monopoly capital.

Giving a report back on the commission, minister of arts and culture Nathi Mthethwa said whilst there was consensus on the issues of the motive forces, character of the ANC, pillars of transformation and the balance of forces, the commission was deadlocked on the issue of monopoly capital.

Mthethwa said despite the clashing of different perspectives, the commission resolved that the concept of monopoly capital should not be conflated with the inescapable reality of white dominance in the economy. The commission also resolved that the focus should be redirected to the eradication of non-competitive business practices.

“There was consensus that what the ANC should focus on, the content, and make the point very clear, that whether it’s black, or yellow, or white, the fact of the matter is that the uncompetitive practices of monopoly capital has to be shunned by the ANC,” he said.

“There were strong views that the issue here is about the formulation, how do we seek to formulate this conceptual issue which will synthesise the different emphasis the strategy and tactics,” he added.