/ 23 March 2018

Slice of life: A cool new voice in gaming

"As years went by
"As years went by

Everyone games, hey. Pac-Man, Tetris, chess … that’s gaming. You saw Malusi Gigaba playing Candy Crush in Parliament recently. It’s a form of escapism from our daily reality but it’s different for me because I review, blog and write about games.

It started way back in high school with a friend of mine, Ebrahim Osman, who had a gaming console. We would go to his house after school, make eggs and bread and play on his PlayStation. He opened up my world to gaming.

As years went by, I fell more and more in love with gaming and got better at it.

In 2012 everyone else was blogging about food and fashion but there was no cool black voice talking about gaming.

So I thought, “Ag, why not?”

I would record myself with my cellphone and post my videos on my YouTube channel, The Idiot’s Guide to Gaming.

Later, I got an opportunity to talk about gaming on Yfm on weekends and that landed me a gig on Frenzy, a youth lifestyle show on e.tv. But people only knew my voice. Fast forward a year later and I got an opportunity to appear on the show in person and now people could see who Super Dave was instead of just hearing my voice.

I still do gaming on Yfm every Wednesday morning, which is cool.

The world wants you to be you, not another Grant Hinds, PewDiePie or Casey Neistat. Be that unique voice that the world wants to hear. — David Monnakgotla, a 29-year-old technical producer and gaming blogger, as told to Thulebona Mhlanga, an Adamela Trust trainee financial reporter at the Mail & Guardian