/ 18 June 2018

Unembargoed: June 15 to 21

All articles in the M&G are now free to read online.
All articles in the M&G are now free to read online.

Fleece the state, face the music

Public officials who routinely find loopholes to siphon money out of government coffers may soon find themselves in the dock

ANC in mad rush to stamp out fires

The party must resolve provincial issue that, if left to the courts, could challenge the legitimacy of its leaders

Slice of life: Writing is painful but it heals

Writing as healing forces you to articulate feelings that exist subconsciously

Women of Waqf start a movement

Mosque access fight has opened up the debate about gender for South African muslims

Another mosque attack claims two lives

A small group of worshippers, including the victims, were at the mosque for itikaf — an Islamic ritual of spiritual seclusion

Matatiele holds key to Bay politics

An ANC ally came to the DA’s rescue when its single councillor in Nelson Mandela Bay voted in favour of mayor Athol Trollip’s budget.

Throwing the boeka at crime: How Muslims are reclaiming the streets

In Cape Town, residents of gang-riddled areas have found a novel way to use the Ramadan fast to protest against violence and creeping gentrification

No ‘culture of silence’, says Sonke

Social justice sector moves from exceptionalism to introspection about same-sex harassment

Berlin’s hipsters want Google out

The tech giant’s planned campus in the German city angers anti-gentrification campaigners

Lives in limbo as despair seeps into mining ghost town

Jobless residents who were dependent on the shuttered Bokoni mine are battling to survive. They have now asked the government to step in

Vavi ally accused of R600 000

The South African Federation of Trade Unions (Saftu) faces its first test against corruption within its ranks as it prepares to deal with one of its most popular leaders accused of illegally using R600 000 of workers’ money in two years.

‘Tau’s the future for Gauteng’

The ex-mayor’s supporters believe he will take the post of deputy ANC chairperson and premier

ANC turns down list of Supra acolytes for premier post

Supra Mahumapelo was forced to resign last month after a protracted battle with the ANC leadership

The dead haunt ANC branches

Six party whistleblowers in Mpumalanga have raised the alarm over ‘ghost members’

Buildings with humans at their heart

South Africa’s architects may be low-key at Venice but their designs help to correct social injustices.

Mind over age really does matter

Longevity is linked to how people approach later life and others’ attitude towards elders


After the outbreak: Picking up the pieces in Ebola’s wake

Ebola wiped out nearly 10% of Liberia’s doctors and nurses. Take a look at life for those it left behind.


Mauritania’s slavery problem

Next month’s African Union summit will be hosted by one of the world’s worst perpetrators, but slavery is off the agenda

Nigeria rocked by cattle conflict

Competition over farmland is igniting old tensions between farmers and herdsmen

Mauritius: Paradise for who?

Attacks on queer activists from religious fundamentalists call the island’s tolerance into question as Pride is cancelled


Flailing Eskom out of options

The utility wants tariffs raised and wages frozen but the unions are not buying into its arguments

Jo’burg cash flow under a microscope

The mayor has denied reports of the city’s financial woes, but audits hint at vulnerabilities

Finlit flick schools pupils on smart money moves

No one doubts the value of improving financial literacy and the treasury is supporting a programme with a film to spread the message

A global trade war is no joke

Emerging economies such as South Africa’s are put under pressure when infighting among the big players slows down global trade

SA fails to stub out dodgy ciggies

The wars at Sars have provided fertile ground for the illicit tobacco trade to grow


Can you rationalise your pound of flesh?

Dr Motsamai Molefe asks why we rationalise consuming animal flesh.

The Weekend Guide

Plays, beer festivals, and Fordsburg’s walking food tour — all the information you need for a good weekend.

On our Lists this week: Kids See Ghosts, red cotton, and Russian Roulette

Check out what is making our reading and music lists this week

Soundscapes of a war zone

Multimedia internet artist centres black, queer and trans youth in out post-apartheid imagination

Rethinking a key festival of African art

The curator of Dak’art talks about how he has transformed the concept of the biennale

Jazz festival gives Soweto a boost

Large-scale, tourist-attracting festivals and celebrations, such as Mardi Gras, the New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival, the French Quarter Festival and Bayou Boogaloo call New Orleans home.

Muzi finds his way home

The Durban-born musician is now making music on his own terms by bring the electronic genre into an African future

Books that heal and save lives

As its name suggests, the Impepho publishing house wants to offer a dinsticly pan-Africanist form of spiritual therapy.

Essays open a window on the mind’s mysteries

In a touching tribute filmed in honour of neurologist Oliver Sacks not long after his death, someone refers to him as having had a “talent for beauty that somehow, in translation, became more beautiful … He found the beauty and rendered it more beautiful.”

The public intimacy of M.I.A.

M.I.A., otherwise known as Matangi Maya Arulpragasam, is a Tamil activist and musician whose work says as much about her as it does about us.


SA’s road to freedom is stalked by death

The entrenchment and normalisation of assassinations are a threat to democracy

Editorial: Tiny parties, big impact

‘The Ramaphoria train has its own problems. Its rural vote is declining rapidly, threatening its hard-won gains in KwaZulu-Natal’

Editorial: A beautiful game of capital gain

‘The Fifa World Cup is an extravagant symbol of so much that is wrong with this world. But let’s not kid ourselves: we are going to watch it anyway’

Letters to the Editor: June 15 to 21

Our readers write in about an unfairly represented judge, the Democratic Republic of Congo and cellphone masts

The comrades want … and want

The canned KwaZulu-Natal conference exposes a uniquely ANC attitude to enmity

Women must be at the centre of land reform

There is a constitutional imperative to empower the majority gender

Mandela left us the fabric for a new SA

He acted within a specific context and entrusted all South Africans to build the society we want

The limits of coloured nationalism

Gatvol Capetonian is a coloured ultra-nationalist organisation but here’s the kicker: their racist culprit is the post-apartheid government

Mining joy from anxiety’s depths

That nagging fear may cause you to fall apart, but it may also serve as a call to action

FIFTH COLUMN: Wake up to what woke is

‘Being woke simply means you see things’

We haven’t achieved the aims of June 16

South Africa still does not have an equal education system, yet this is not impossible


The curse of the crimson Ghost

What’s black and white and red all over? To the dismay of many, it may just be Pirates’ kit for the new season

Morocco off the Fifa map

The Lions of the Atlas are bound for failure as they enter a near impossible group stage

Great expectations of the cartoon world war

In the first of a series of columns for the duration of the World Cup, Carlos Amato looks at the prospects ahead of Russia 2018


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