Unembargoed: November 23 to 29

This week's M&G is now free to read.

This week's M&G is now free to read.

Cyril can’t lose the wicked trio – yet

The president needs to consolidate his position and can only make his moves after the 2019 elections

Communications ministry in fifth reshuffle

The ministry of communications is just over four years old and has had five ministers since it was created in May 2014.

JZ’s deal with apartheid spymaster

The State Security Agency is challenging a R24-million claim for a report on climate change and land redistribution report

Slice of life: They would die for Bo-Kaap

‘It was really so encouraging to see that people are prepared, you know, to sacrifice their lives for this community’

After years of barking, the AG gets teeth

A new law gives the auditor general the power to act against corruption and wasteful expenditure

Offline horrors hit home affairs

One of the department’s centres was unavailable for 130 out of SA’s 248 working days in the past year

Bo-Kaap divided over developers

Two groups trying to protect the area’s heritage from gentrification are now at loggerheads

EFF seizes on divisions in the ANC

The Economic Freedom Fighters are targeting Pravin Gordhan, a symbol of unity, and fighting the battle of disgruntled ANC members

SA fiddles while world burns

Two new reports show just how little countries are doing about climate change, and our own failings are laid bare

Gas prospectors to explore three provinces

In the new plan, wind and solar will provide 25 000MW of capacity by 2030

How two million children go hungry

The Child Gauge highlights that black children in single or no parent households fare the worst

KZN mine fight goes on, despite ruling

KwaZulu-Natal villagers are fighting mining they say violates their land rights and harms the environment

Gordhan decries EFF attack on daughter

The party made these and other claims during its protest outside the state capture commission

‘Zwelithini is not collecting rent, the Ingonyama Trust is’

King Goodwill Zwelithini has distanced himself from the court action taken against the Ingonyama Trust Board because of its lease programme.

Cops can’t cope with hate crimes

Various organisations say officers are not yet able to carry out the policing aspects of speech and actions based on prejudice

SA’s Poles recall a bitter journey

On November 11, the Polish diaspora in South Africa honoured the 500 children — among the 1.7-million Poles forcefully removed by the Red Army to labour camps in Siberia during World War II — who found refuge in Oudtshoorn in 1943.


Could your favourite birth control put you at risk of HIV?

For more than 25 years, scientists have suspected ‘the shot’ could increase women’s chances of contracting HIV but they couldn’t prove it. Now, we could be months away from an answer

Should you believe Motsoaledi’s hype about the ‘foreign threat’?

Last week, Health Minister Aaron Motsoaledi claimed in a speech at the National Education, Health and Allied Workers’ Union’s Nurses’ Summit that undocumented immigrants are flooding South Africa and overburdening clinics and hospitals.


Hope flickers in disappointed Zim

Unhappiness is widespread but a political veteran says things are changing for the better

‘Crocodile’ shows his instinct is still to bite

It is one year since the resignation of Robert Mugabe, and it is still difficult to find the right terminology to describe the dramatic events that forced him to step down after nearly four decades in charge.

‘Targeted crackdown’ on society

A new report claims the Zambian government is harassing and threatening its critics

The shortlist: Africa’s best inventions

Sixteen engineers with bright ideas will compete for the Africa Prize for Engineering Innovation

Shaun’s new job: Murder in Lesotho

SA’s former NPA boss will prosecute the Mountain Kingdom’s most politically sensitive case


Failing Eskom cripples one and all

Its financial and operational problems are hurting not only big users and consumers but also its own position

Red flags raised over Black Friday

But amid worries that consumers could binge on credit there are signs they are handling debt better

Insurance payments demands clients’ honesty

Momentum found itself in consumers’ crosshairs this week after it declined to pay out the death benefit cover

Sweets for my sweet, sugar for my levy

Treasury is coining it as South Africans continue to shell out for their favourite sugary drinks

IMF backs state-issued digital currency

Cryptocurrencies are imploding but Lagarde says central banks should join the fintech revolution


The issue of money and death is vulgar

Justice does not always serve fairness and the Momentum debacle raises the issue of good faith

Editorial: Malema plays a dangerous game

Many of the journalists on Malema’s list have already been subjected to a torrent of abuse on social media platforms

Editorial: Rights undermine miner

Thursday’s decision by the high court in Pretoria is historic

Letters to the Editor: November 23 to 29

Our readers write in about: Eusebius McKaiser’s agenda and the weakness of the mining inspectorate

Service delivery’s up shit street

My hunt for Jacob Zuma’s affidavit was as successful as finding a working toilet at the labour centre

Continent must be smart about funding

To limit dependence on China, Africa has several options to raise cash for infrastructure development

Customary law can pose problems for widows

Despite a new Act, many women and children are up against discriminatory practices

Election season brings the conflation of party and state

Based on our history, the election period will probably be marked by the misuse and abuse of state resources

Technology can uplift world’s ‘bottom billion’

Technology is often oversold as either a panacea for the world’s problems or a curse inflicting disruption and displacement on the most vulnerable. Historically, neither of these characterisations is accurate.

South Africa’s entrepreneurs remain elusive

Perhaps the reason is less about poor support and more about a bad attitude to self-employment

The fear of the feminine is futile

The heterosexual community is not the only group responsible for gender suppression

FIFTH COLUMN: The blank black and criminality

Having been burgled soon after I moved into a new house in Melville last year, I am appreciative of (dependent upon?) the services of a security company.

Multicultural SA offers a great benefit

Understanding and being able to work with different people is a globally sought-after skill

UCT aims to make IT appealing to women students

Information Technology is traditionally a male-dominated sector.

Basic education is failing the economy

A second-class system for the majority poor population entrenches social and economic inequality


Winnie ‘unashamedly’ resurrected

Msimang’s The Resurrection of Winnie Mandela is well written and easy to read, which is as reflective as it is poetic in parts.

This weekend

A Coarse Sorting of the Readily Available by Michael MacGarry, The Art Franschhoek Festival, A Strawberry Affair Market

On our lists this week

I Want to Go Home Forever edited by Loren B Landau and Tanya Pampalone, Octavia’s Brood: Science Fiction Stories from Social Justice Movements edited by Adrienne Maree Brown and Walidah Imarisha

Ngobeni’s beautiful nightmare

“There’s so much body language among black people, since long ago; it shows when they communicate”

‘Five Bhobh’ is a taxi to the end of an era

The exhibition, by 29 Zimbabwean artists, uses the minibus taxi to explore the end of Robert Mugabe’s rule and the country’s future

‘Woza Sisi’ tracks the ways of street hairstylists

Photographer Dahlia Maubane explores this informal economy in Jo’burg city centre

Hair-raising six hours every six weeks

Stylists nudge one another and shrug at her tantrum. “She wants beautiful hair, she must sit in there until I say so”

Learning to commune with the dead

When I fell asleep, Mkhulu visited my dreams for the first time. I sat through a service in which he gave the sermon and then we walked home hand in hand.

‘Homeland’ is a thriller,   but one with depth

Former journalist Karin Brynard has established herself as one of a handful of great thriller writers in South Africa, along with Deon Meyer, Mike Nicol and Margie Orford.

‘Sankomota’ ode explores a cultural treasure

A publisher explains why he wrote a book dedicated to Sankomota’s album


Go shopping to boost PSL season

The lacklustre top three sides could look at recruiting new talent to kick-start their bids for glory

A Wales win would seal Boks’ tour

South Africa’s tour has been fairly good, but the All Blacks are stinging from last week’s Ireland loss

Banyana on tough quest for glory

Zambia could be the only stumbling block in the team’s journey to the group stages

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