Slice of life: The journey to Beyoncé

Bonolo Tlhoaele (Delwyn Verasamy)

Bonolo Tlhoaele (Delwyn Verasamy)

I’ve been following the Global Citizen thing since the day they announced how we can earn tickets. I think that was the 21st of August. I was invested because I wasn’t going to miss an opportunity to see Beyoncé and Jay Z in South Africa.

The girl was going in on Twitter, signing petitions, sending emails and all of that.

With each draw it wasn’t working out.

My cousins and sister went and my other cousin and I sat it out. We made that sacrifice even though we had been following this from the beginning.

But we tagged along to FNB Stadium. We didn’t have a plan. We had no tickets, but we were going. My cousin thinks that our grandmother is our lucky charm so we had visited her in the morning. We were certain that we would get the tickets.

On the bus to Nasrec we made friends with two guys who gave us tickets. Once we were on the other side we were in total disbelief. 

We had no plan, no plug. My cousin and I had a moment of silence because we were shook. The journey to Beyoncé and Jay Z was actually successful. I’m still in disbelief. — Bonolo Tlhoaele (23) as told to Zaza Hlalethwa

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