Beyoncé: A complex apparatus
/ 9 December 2023

Beyoncé: A complex apparatus

Renaissance: A Film by Beyoncé opened last weekend around the world and grossed $27 million at the global box office. We sent two Mail & Guardian writers to watch it

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The Carters Top 5
/ 29 July 2022

The Carters Top 5

Will Beyoncé be featuring her billionaire husband on her new album, Renaissance? We don’t know – yet – but here’s our top five collabos with Jay Z

What you think of Beyoncé doesn’t matter, so enjoy the music
/ 28 July 2022

What you think of Beyoncé doesn’t matter, so enjoy the music

Beyonce takes no sit-down interviews and responds to no one on social media. The goal? To have us focus on the music, which we should all do

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