/ 4 April 2023

Objects of Desire | Upgrade you

V04 Viso Kamo Sutra Porcelain Vase 1
The sensual Kamo-Sutra Porcelain collection. Photo: Supplied

While the true definition of “self-care” is murky and the notion of “living your best life” is luxuriously ambiguous, there are a few pillars of the lifestyle of the home body. Elements of nourishing the body through acts of self-care include scent, sensuality, serotonin, sanctuary and, for many, style. 

As the cooler months start rolling in, ways of pampering oneself — both big and small — go a long way. While Beyoncé once sang “upgrade you”, which urges listeners to indulge their partners, rather upgrade yourself and your self-care practices with indulgent, over-the-top objects, simply because you can. 


The nature of scents is constantly evolving, with new niche perfumers popping up while legacy fragrances come and go from our top shelf picks. The latest scent to hit our radar is from Stora Skuggan, a Stockholm-based perfumery that handmakes all its fragrances. The Azalai fragrance stems from a single acacia tree in the Sahara, bringing subtle solitude. Available through VooStore

Sexy prints  

This is far from your grandmother’s china. Grab the set of six plates, vases, and cylinders to show your sanctuary some love. The handmade Kamo-Sutra Porcelain collection is for the modern homebody who understands the sensuality of food, flowers and precious objects. Available through  Viso Projects.

Game changers 

Make your next move with these Prada playing cards. If you’re going to stay at home with an ace up your sleeve, why not make it as indulgent as a luxurious Prada deck with a leather case? The entire set, from case to cards, carries Prada’s signature metal triangle, which was first designed in 1913 by Mario Prada for his luxury trunks. Available through Prada.  


Slip in

Finding the most comfortable pair of slippers is one of life’s greatest joys. You have probably seen the UGG Tasman all over social media and shop windows as the new slipper in vogue. Well, there’s a reason for that — they’re uber comfy, your toes feel warm and your feet feel supported. The Tasmans are also great for those who don’t want to “put on” slippers but would much rather slip on their slippers. Available through Trenton.