/ 2 January 2019

Unembargoed: December 20 to January 3

All articles in the M&G are free to read
All articles in the M&G are free to read

Cop-out stalls climate action

In the face of overwhelming scientific evidence, a few obdurate nations have delayed the critical response.

R80m VBS loss for homes ombud

A forensic report has found the Community Scheme Ombud Service investment was reckless

First Sars, now Telkom hit by Bain

State company subsidiary loses millions after consulting firm’s cost strategies were binned

Cabinet report cards: Going places or gotta go?

Months in the making, these report cards are the most comprehensive snapshot of the performance of President Cyril Ramaphosa’s Cabinet. We tell you who is going places and who’s gotta go

Africa for pessimists and optimists: 2018 in review

Intractable conflicts, terrible presidents, climate change … if you are looking for bad news from Africa, this year has provided it, but there are many good news stories from the continent, writes Simon Allison

2018: The year in pictures

Mail & Guardian pictures editor Paul Botes presents some of the most striking images from 2018

Special year-end edition: Uncaptured

Investigative journalists helped pull South Africa back from a precipice by exposing the depth of state capture. But they are now staring into an abyss of their own: populist hostility, a funding crisis and waning public trust. On balance, our press remains one of the freest in the world – but for how long? By Carlos Amato

Part I — Uncaptured: How it all began

Part II — Uncaptured: Journalistic ethics in the era of diversionary retaliation

Part III — Uncaptured: Newsroom weaknesses and the trap of false narratives

Part IV — Uncaptured: The money problem and the journalists who have ‘stopped looking’

SABC crisis a ‘Horror Show’ rerun

The broadcaster will only be saved from ongoing disaster when politicians are not in the same script

Wild ride may lead to better future

The shocks of 2018 will reverberate in a crucial 2019 election year and hopefully the outcome will be enlightened

KwaNtu braves verkrampt Utrecht

Qalokuhle Gabela has harnessed his entrepreneurial spirit to restore a historical site to its rightful place

Saying no to sexism in science

There’s nothing innate about scientific ability, but some male scientists, in South Africa and internationally, still believe women can’t cut it

Built-in tools assist smartphone addicts

South Africans are among the top users of smartphones

Senegalese artistic heritage gets a home

Conceived in the 1960s, shortly after independence, Senegal’s new Museum of Black Civilisations has finally been completed

It’s time to holiday, so here’s a guide to  the season’s offerings

From parties and festivals to peaceful picnics and hikes, it’s all yours to enjoy

RIP: Those who died in 2018

They left us in 2018 and now, we bid them farewell and remember their claim to fame.

Do you recall the news of 2018?

Do you remember what made headlines in 2018? Take this year-end quiz to find out how much you can recall of this year’s key events.


The nightmare of Christmas

Premier League teams play on average one game every three days during the jam-packed period


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