/ 7 January 2019

Unembargoed: January 4 to 10 2019

This week's M&G is now free to read.
This week's M&G is now free to read.

We are not so free that we can afford to relax

The ANC appears to have lost sight of the idea of freedom as something that we continue to strive towards

ANC parly list is not ‘cast in stone’

Zuma, Gigaba, Dlamini, Muthambi and Zwane — all candidates who could be vetted for ‘integrity’

Shooting dashes hopes of end to Midlands killings

Hopes that a wave of arrests late last year would end politically motivated killings in the KwaZulu-Natal Midlands and other areas have been dashed

Education shows improvements

Poor schools are getting better results and the top ten districts hail from just two provinces

Slice of life: My dream apartment

‘Because I am a comrade and a gentleman, I will doff my beret to the world at large and wherein I have my own Sea Point pozzie’

Clifton’s new year baa-baa-las

The security company ‘effed up again’, says a councillor as the City of Cape Town complains to the regulator about the beach debacle

Watershed political wars lie ahead

South Africans can expect another exciting year: elections, land reform without compensation, Zondo inquiry revelations and court cases

Who runs SA’s media is a black-and-white issue

The boards and top management are mostly white men, but the majority of the media houses’ employees are African women

Predatory Facebook is an illusory friend that uses you

It finds out all about you without your knowledge, to control you for its profit

uKheshe: An app for the unbanked

Card holders can transfer money to each other at no cost, so an entire sub economy may evolve

An eco action plan for SA

Last year came with a myriad environmental disasters, including raw sewage flowing into our rivers. The intense heat and flooding of this festive season have been a timely warning of what happens when we don’t take the long-term impacts of climate change seriously. Sipho Kings has compiled a list of tasks government should tackle this year to solve environmental problems and secure our collective future

The land: SA’s unifying and divisive issue

The land hearings of 2018 were fraught, emotive discussions of a matter of national importance

Identity politics is about our quest  for recognition

Author Francis Fukuyama writes that the rapid changes in the political and economic landscape have seen people around the world losing their sense of dignity and thus their identity

‘I was there’: Essays that map a life

Academic Achille Mbembe sat down with retired journalist Jolyon Nuttall, who is also his father-in-law, to talk about his new book of essays

I fly high on a little Sinai ‘chocolate’

Finding weed in an Egyptian resort crawling with security men during a conference of African leaders is as difficult as parting the Red Sea

Femicide takes its toll on children

They can develop post-traumatic stress syndrome and may blame themselves for their mother’s death

Judy Dlamini is a success story

She credits her parents and their work ethic for the person she has become and she encourages others to follow suit

Need for reparations still with us

The ANC’s well-meaning attempts at redress have failed, which means the issue has yet to be properly addressed

Continental drifts towards Africa

Last year the United Kingdom, the United States, Russia and the European Union unveiled their new strategies for Africa and China, Germany and India tweaked theirs

A racism lesson for Mayor Plato

Covert racism hides behind its willingness to throw a few of its own under the bus so it can maintain the status quo — but it’s still racism

Idle watchdogs take a beating

State capture and the collapse of major businesses have cast the spotlight on auditors and industry regulators

Your guide to surviving 2019

Chances are 2019 will be better than 2018, during which the economy contracted for at least two quarters. It is projected to grow, although not by much. Globally it’s hard to say what will happen with the orange bigot in the White House. It’s likely that he will become more unpredictable as the long arm of the law reels him in. At home, the elections will dominate the headlines. Here’s our round-up of the outlook for electricity, taxes, fuel, wages and the economy

A big scoop for African indulgence

Corn bread and roasted plum, bacon and caramel are some of the flavours on his menu

Five good reads to enjoy

The books include a collection of short stories, three novels and a great work of nonfiction

KG’s never-say-die advantage

It takes real guts to take on the challenge of playing at Wimbledon. Imagine doing it without the support of a coach

Big four in tennis still the ones to beat, says Djokovic

Roger Federer, Rafael Nadal, Andy Murray and himself — were still the favourites to win Grand Slam titles in 2019

Lejaka knocks boxing back into shape

The chief executive has won praise from the boxing world for protecting boxers’ interests

Former boxer’s vision is now for deprived children on the ropes

Forced to abandon his world title dreams, Jorge Pina devotes his time to helping troubled youngsters from rough neighbourhoods

Preparing for life after victory

Banyana Banyana had the nation’s heart aflutter with their 2018 African Women’s Cup of Nations campaign, finishing as runners-up and securing a spot at the Women’s World Cup. But the team’s success is anything but a fluke

Midway, and it’s an unpredictable conclusion

We’ll learn in 2019 which Premier League team best overcame their imperfections


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