/ 21 June 2022

Five ways to grow your podcast audience

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In recent years, ad agencies have increasingly used podcasts to advertise products and services, which has led many web admins to perceive podcasts as a beneficial source for attracting new leads and regular visitors. Podcasts are at the top of the charts around the world on the iTunes charts. The following tips will help you understand how to grow your audience with podcasts over the long term.

Create an exciting show that people will want to listen to

Ever wondered what is the best entertainment value? Can you compete with it and create the most captivating podcast out there? Not everyone can arrange a bright and unforgettable show in a podcast. The most common reasons for podcast failures are boring show topics that no one cares about and inexperienced speakers who can’t keep up with the air. And if experience gradually comes over time, then the ability to find interesting topics, come up with surprising questions and new ideas for broadcasts should be constantly developed. It’s hard to disagree that with a nasty and low-quality podcast, no one will listen to it for a long time. To create a large audience of people, you need to record only exciting and high-quality podcasts. In addition, it is essential to update podcasts from time to time and offer something new.

Come up with original titles in your podcast listing

A perfect title characterises you and the subject matter you choose to cover, matches the mood of the podcast, and makes you stand out. And in the most favourable case, it becomes a kind of code word, a positive trigger that will attract a listener to you. The universal advice I can give you is to come up with a unique title. I understand that sometimes we want to look back at successful colleagues to see what they came up with there. But the name is a defining part of your brand. So stay away from direct associations with other podcasts, especially those related to you thematically.

Add tags and subscription links

Why are these tags needed at all? Tags allow you to do everything much faster and more conveniently. The structured information with the regular tags design enables you to manipulate files as you please. Sorting, ordering, and selecting any of the tags (and possibly a group of tags) accelerates the search for the desired tracks. In addition, tags are convenient to use in software players and hardware devices: players, radio tape recorders, and all kinds of media players. Well-formed tags and links will bring even more convenience when using the device and, accordingly, positive emotions when listening to content.

Interview talented people

Call those who are very interesting to you. It can be a brand representative, a project author, a blogger, or maybe just some expert. When you launch your first podcasts, the guest audience matters because it’s the way to find your first listeners. And if you have been working, say, for six months or more, your task is to interest the listeners and give them great content. Therefore, start mixing media guests and guests who are not too famous, but you can better reveal a certain topic with them.

Find professional support

Take advantage of a set of actions to increase the position of a podcast in the organic results of Google, Yahoo, and other search engines for specific user queries. To do this, additionally seek help from a digital marketing agency, which will have better ideas for growing your podcast audience. The purpose of all these actions is to make it so that potential listeners can find your resource in the search results and do the targeted activity. That is, they buy goods or order services and you, accordingly, get profit from this.

A powerful service to promote your podcast

The main task for a podcaster is to bring the audio blog to the top on iTunes. Position at the top increases the number of listens tenfold. To do this, you need to collect reviews and ratings from listeners and replicate the podcast through contextual advertising, mailing lists and social networks. Search engine optimisation consulting services will do this work efficiently and professionally. If you do not want to personally create a site for your podcast and understand what search engine optimisation is, it is better to contact a specialist who will help you make your podcasts friends with search engines.


Promoting a podcast is a complex task Even though podcasting in the world is still not 100% formed, there are already many podcasts, and the share of this market will only grow. Many large international brands are already purposefully allocating part of their advertising budget to integrate podcasts and audio ads. Podcasts and audio advertising, if done well, will help to win the hearts of the audience and become a good competitive advantage and a promising direction in promoting a brand or company. Now you have both free methods and paid promotion tools in your arsenal. But remember, the success factor isn’t budgets; it’s the quality of your podcast. After all, a good product is easier to sell.

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