Abdi Sheikh

Turkey’s anti-Gulen crackdown ripples far and wide

Ankara orders the closure of two schools and a hospital in Somalia linked to the US-based cleric as part of a wider effort to erode his influence.

Eight dead as gunmen attack AU base in Somalia

The AU says that three peacekeepers and five Islamist gunmen were killed in the ensuing battle, which saw the gunmen infiltrate the base in Mogadishu.

Al-Shabab names new leader, vows revenge

Sheikh Ahmad Umar Abu Ubaidah has replaced slain Al-Shabab leader Ahmed Godane, who was killed in a US air strike.

Several killed in al-Shabab attack on Somali parliament

Militant group al-Shabab has claimed responsibility for an attack which the United Nations has called an "attack against the people".

US raids on Somalia, Libya yields more questions than answers

A failed raid in Somalia and anger at the capture of an al-Qaeda leader in Libya has focused on the US's problems in its fight against militants.

Brit arrested after Westgate attack in Nairobi

The British Foreign Office has confirmed that a British man has been arrested in Kenya following the siege at Westgate mall that has left dozens dead.

Mogadishu car bomb attacks kill 16

At least 16 people were killed as two car bombs exploded outside the law courts in Somalia's capital Mogadishu and gunmen stormed the building.

Suicide bombers kill 15 in Somali capital

Two suicide bombers walked into a restaurant in central Mogadishu and killed at least 15 people on Thursday, police said.

Somali rebels reinforce Kismayu as fears of violence grow

Al-Shabab militants are advancing towards the port city of Kismayu, raising fears of a bloody clash with African Union soldiers.

Ethiopia troops attack al-Shabaab rebels in Somali town

Ethiopian troops and clan militia fighters forced al-Qaeda-linked militants to flee a Somali town after heavy clashes on Saturday.

Somalia bans foreign aid workers from rebel areas

Somalia has banned foreign aid workers and journalists from entering areas controlled by al-Shabaab insurgents, in fear of attacks on them.

Bruised by war, Mogadishu slowly reawakens

After four years of conflict, Mogadishu bears the signs of a city slowly rising from the ruins of war, which killed about 20 000 people.

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