Ahmed Mohamed

Recognition of Somaliland is overdue

After 23 years as an independent nation, Somaliland is still being denied recognition, says president Ahmed Mohamed Mohamoud Silanyo.

Mauritanian police gas protesters

Police broke up an anti-government march by beating protesters with clubs and launching tear gas into the crowd in Mauritania's capital, Nouakchott.

Mauritania coup leaders release prime minister

The leaders of Mauritania's coup bowed to international pressure on Monday and released the prime minister and three other high-ranking officials.

Mauritania coup chief leads march through capital

The army general who successfully toppled Mauritania's government staged a show of force on Thursday.

Somali president flown to hospital amid walkout

Turmoil struck the Somali government on Tuesday as a fifth minister resigned in a power-sharing dispute a day after being appointed, and the president was urgently flown to a hospital in Kenya's capital, Nairobi. A security official described President Abdullahi Yusuf (72) as being in a ''serious condition'' when he arrived in Nairobi on Tuesday.

Somali PM resigns after feud with president

Somali Prime Minister Ali Mohamed Gedi resigned on Monday after a long feud with the president that frustrated Western backers and split the government while it faced an Islamist insurgency. With no sure candidate to replace him, it remained unclear whether Gedi's departure would unify the interim government or set it down a new path of disarray.

Mauritania seizes cocaine worth more than $100m

Authorities seized cocaine worth more than -million on Monday in Mauritania's capital -- the country's largest haul ever, officials said. Security agents arrested five people -- two Moroccans, a Senegalese and two Mauritanians with 830kg of cocaine, said state prosecutor Ben Amar Ould Veten.

AU envoys ‘reassured’ by new Mauritanian leader

African Union envoys who met Mauritania's new military strongman said on Wednesday they were reassured by the country's junta leaders, and urged them to follow a plan to hold democratic elections in less than two years. Pointedly, they said nothing about restoring to power the country's exiled president.

Mauritanian junta names new prime minister

Mauritania's self-declared head of state named a new prime minister to replace the former premier who resigned along with his Cabinet after last week's coup. A judge also freed 21 people who had been detained for plotting against the ousted regime. Junta leader Colonel Ely Ould Mohamed Vall named Sidi Mohamed Ould Boubacar as prime minister.

Mauritanian junta names new leader

African leaders have condemned the coup in the West African state of Mauritania, saying the days of authoritarianism and military rule must end across the continent. A military junta toppled Mauritania's autocratic president while he was abroad, replacing him with the longtime chief of this oil-rich desert nation's police force.

Mauritania: Army officers declare coup

A group of army officers in Mauritania announced the overthrow of President Maaoya Sid'Ahmed Taya on Wednesday. Earlier, troops took control of the national radio and television stations and seized a building housing the army chief of staff's headquarters while the president was out of the country.

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