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McCain, Obama close to naming running mates

Republican presidential hopeful John McCain and his Democratic rival, Barack Obama, are in the final stretch of selecting their running mates.

Clinton, Obama duel as vital votes loom

Rivals Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton stepped up their battle on Monday on the eve of the next primary showdown, as the Democratic Party head urged unity in the race to rout Republicans from the White House. ''It's not about Hillary Clinton, it's not about Barack Obama. It is about our country,'' Democratic national committee chairperson Howard Dean said.

In forum on faith, Clinton shows Obama little charity

Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton blasted rival Barack Obama during a debate on Sunday, accusing him of being ''elitist'' and ''patronising''. Clinton again seized on a controversy sparked off by Obama's comments about working-class voters. Obama, she said, was ''elitist, out of touch, and frankly patronising''.

Obama says Clinton’s no Rocky

Democratic White House contender Barack Obama on Wednesday mocked rival Hillary Clinton's claim to be a ''Rocky'' fighter for the working classes, as polls suggested he is punching into her lead in gritty Pennsylvania. ''We all love Rocky, and last time I checked I was the underdog in this state,'' Obama told trade unionists.

Beer and bowling: Obama plays the regular guy

He sips beers, kisses babies, hangs out in bowling alleys and bottle feeds calves: Barack Obama is playing a ''regular guy'' in a stealth attack on Hillary Clinton in Pennsylvania. While best known for soaring rhetoric and rock star-style rallies, the pace-setting Democrat is adopting a more personal touch, turning on the charm on a six-day bus tour of the state.

Clinton faces tough odds as Obama’s lead widens

United States Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton faced increasing odds on Monday as a new opinion poll showed rival Barack Obama consolidating his nationwide support. A Gallup tracking survey indicated the Illinois senator extending his lead over Clinton among Democrats nationally to 52% versus 42%, Obama's largest lead of the year so far.

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