Alex Dodd

Festival to bookend all festivals

Once a year Jaipur becomes a literary wonderland, packed with people mad about the written word

Strength in fluid moonbeams

Pink speaks fresh volumes in ruby onyinyechi amanze’s current exhibition, writes Alexandra Dodd

Song cycle unlocks cultural ties

Composer and free-form cultural thinker Thokozani Ndumiso Mhlambi plucks some chords with Alexandra Dodd in advance of his performance in Cape Town

Variations on a difficult blue

On the eve of their showing, artists Ghada Amer and Reza Farkhondeh about beauty, stereotypes and the unfathomable eroticism of abstract shapes

Why our many stories matter

Put aside your well-wrought arguments to listen to other views, even those of someone you despise.

Clifton: Of baba ganoush and bungalows

Life among the one-percenters of the Cape Town suburb of Clifton is a beach, not a bitch.

A whiter shade of pale

Humbling, enervating, mystifying -- race is a twisted choreographer that plays silent havoc with our days.

Zoning in on Funktionality

Alex Dodd steps into the Funktion to discover the latest buzz in multi-purpose urban spaces -- trend emporium by day, cyberzone by night.

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