Alex Vines

What’s in store for the African continent in 2022?

Conflict hotspots, most in the Sahel region, will continue to dominate the news this year, while a number of countries will hold key elections.

Kenneth Kaunda: The man behind the statesman

Zambia’s founding father left a lasting legacy

Lessons from Palma attack: What next for the insurgency in Cabo Delgado?

Mozambique is starting to accept it needs more than private military aid to fight the Islamic State insurgency

Debt forgiveness will top the African agenda in 2021

After being praised for their handling of the pandemic, African countries must now confront the economic fallout – even as they grapple with existing political and security challenges

Third time lucky: Will Mozambique’s peace deal last?

It’s been a year since Frelimo and Renamo signed the Maputo Accord. This time, the peace might just hold

As conflict in Cabo Delgado increases, will Frelimo learn from its mistakes?

Mozambique’s governing party must take heed of the fact that insurgency succeeds when there is a governance and developmental deficit

The insurgency in northern Mozambique has got worse. Why?

Mozambique needs to restructure its defence force and build an alliance with its neighbour Tanzania in preparation for a drawn-out struggle against ‘jihadists’

Africa’s  ‘dinosaurs’ are dying out

Countries in political transition have very little time in which to deliver socioeconomic and political change

Hope, peace and reconciliation: Pope Francis in Mozambique

A papal visit will highlight the importance of the recently signed peace agreement between the government and opposition

Third time lucky for peace in Mozambique?

Renamo’s hardened fighters are not getting any younger, so this time the deal may stick

Continental drifts towards Africa

Last year the UK, the United States, Russia and the European Union unveiled their new strategies for Africa and China Germany and India tweaked theirs

Lourenço’s first year: Angola’s transitional politics

João Lourenço’s first year in office has been marked by notable reforms. If ordinary Angolans are to benefit this momentum must continue

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