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WHO employee to receive treatment in Hamburg for Ebola

A Senegalese epidemiologist who contracted Ebola while working for the organisation. The current outbreak has killed at least 120 healthcare workers.

Assad is not to blame for Syria chemical attacks, says Kurdish party leader

Kurdish Democratic Union Party leader Saleh Muslim doubts Syria's President Bashar al-Assad is behind the chemical attacks near Damascus.

Liberia’s Taylor ordered cannibalism, court told

Former Liberian President Charles Taylor ordered his militias to eat the flesh of captured enemies and United Nations soldiers, a former close aide testified on Thursday at Taylor's war crimes trial. ''He [Taylor] said we should eat them. Even the UN white people -- he said we could use them as pork to eat,'' said Joseph ''ZigZag'' Marzah.

Court told of brutal tactics incited by Charles Taylor

A witness calling himself Charles Taylor's death squad commander told a court on Wednesday he killed men, women and babies on the former Liberian leader's orders and supplied arms to rebels in Sierra Leone. Taylor, once one of Africa's most feared warlords, faces charges of rape, murder, mutilation and recruitment of child soldiers.

Beatles’ Indian guru Maharishi Yogi dies

The guru to the Beatles who introduced transcendental meditation to the West, Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, died at his Dutch home on February 5, aides said on February 6. He was said to be 91. The reclusive Indian mystic shot to international prominence when the Beatles visited him in the foothills of the Himalayas in 1968 to learn his meditation techniques.

Taylor trial resumes with tales of brutality

A blood-diamond expert and an account from a Sierra Leonean miner who said laughing rebels hacked off his hands and burned his family opened the war-crimes trial against Liberia's Charles Taylor on Monday. The former Liberian president, once one of Africa's most feared warlords, faces charges of rape, murder, mutilation and recruitment of child soldiers.

Taylor’s war-crimes trial delayed until 2008

Judges on Monday postponed until January 2008 the war-crimes trial of former Liberian president Charles Taylor on charges of directing atrocities in Sierra Leone after his defence asked for more time to prepare. Taylor is accused of instigating murder, rape and mutilation.

Liberia’s Taylor boycotts trial again

Former Liberian president Charles Taylor failed to appear in court on Monday when his war-crimes trial resumed, saying through an official the court did not give him adequate funds to assemble a strong defence team. Taylor, who is charged with instigating murder, rape and mutilation during Sierra Leone's civil war, boycotted the start of his trial in June.

UN court sentences rebel Serb leader to 35 years

The United Nations war crimes tribunal sentenced the former leader of rebel Serbs in Croatia, Milan Martic, to 35 years in jail for ordering atrocities committed while rebel Serbs set up a breakaway state in Croatia. Martic (52) was found guilty of criminal responsibility for the murder, persecution, torture and deportation of Croats, Muslims and other non-Serb civilians.

Warlord Taylor’s home is lonely Dutch prison

Once surrounded by African presidential splendour, former Liberian strongman Charles Taylor now lives in a Dutch prison with only a Congolese militia chief for company and food he finds foul. The ousted Liberian president feels isolated in the Hague, his lawyer told Reuters ahead of the start of Taylor's trial on Monday.

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