Alexei Oreskovic

Google Glass: Cool or creepy?

Google staged four discussions expounding on the finer points of its Glass wearable computer during this week's developer conference.

Google gives up saving the world, focuses on business

Google has abandoned its goal to make renewable energy cheaper than coal, the latest casualty in the internet giant's moves to focus on fewer efforts.

New Apple iPhone fails to wow fans and investors

Apple's newest iPhone left fans wishing for more than a faster version of last year's device, drawing a rare outburst of criticism and disappointment.

Yahoo! board chair fires CEO Bartz over the phone

Carol Bartz has been fired over the phone by Roy Bostock, ending a tumultuous tenure marked by stagnation and a rift with Chinese partner Alibaba.

Facebook facial recognition technology sparks concerns

Facebook has expanded the availability of technology to automatically identify people in photos, renewing concerns about its privacy practices.

Google phishing: Chinese Gmail attack raises cyberwar tensions

Hackers probably based in China tried to break into hundreds of Google mail accounts, including those of senior US government officials.

Apple’s Jobs puts on lively iPad 2 show

A thin but energetic Steve Jobs made a surprise return to the spotlight on Wednesday, taking the stage to unveil Apple's new iPad.

Google co-founder Page takes over, targets Facebook

Google co-founder Larry Page will take over as CEO from Eric Schmidt, a surprise move to make the company more nimble.

Facebook documents reveal strong profit

Facebook is generating profits at a faster-than-expected rate and will have to disclose financial data similar to a publicly traded company.

Goldman, Digital Sky invest in Facebook

Facebook has raised $500m from Goldman Sachs and Russian investment firm Digital Sky Technologies, in a deal that values the company at $5-billion.

Twitter financing values company at $3,7-billion

Twitter has raised $200-million in a deal that values the company at $3,7-billion, less than a year after it began its first efforts to make money.

Wanted: More than 2 000, in Google hiring spree

Google plans to hire more than 2 000 people around the globe, bumping up its workforce as it expands into new markets.

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