Allison Jackson

Afghan media defiant after deadly day for journalists

Journalists have vowed to continue reporting after the deadliest attack on Afghanistan's media since the fall of the Taliban in 2001

Kabul hotel reopens after deadly attack but guests stay away

After 25 people were killed, a historical hotel is open for business, cutting prices to entice guests to stay the night

China financial system vulnerable, warns IMF

The IMF says China's financial system is at risk from bad loans, booming private lending and sharp falls in property prices.

China ponders legalising secret detentions

China is considering changes to its criminal law that human rights activists say would effectively legalise the forced disappearance of dissidents.

Chinese farmers go online to sell produce

There's a a growing number of Chinese farmers selling their produce online, giving them access to customers countrywide and boosting their income.

China landslides leave scores dead

More than 80 people are dead and over 2 000 are missing after landslides triggered by heavy rain swept away homes in north-western China.

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