Alok Jha

iPads for animals? It’s not as far fetched as you think

When Steve Jobs launched his latest must-have computer to the world, he might not have been thinking about the dolphin market.

Novel drill goes to heat of the matter

Potter's technology makes drilling more simple and cheaper and, consequently, enhanced geothermal systems (EGS) more economically viable.

Europe unites on renewables

North Sea countries plan vast clean-energy project which could offer weather-proof supply.

The global heat is on

Scientists urge the world's leaders to get serious about cutting carbon dioxide emissions during the upcoming climate summit, reports Alok Jha.

One UK family’s war on waste

Fed up with rising energy bills and an uncomfortable home, Rose Watson took some simple steps to green her home, with a positive effect on her budget.

UK gives green light to eco-towns

The British government gave the go-ahead for the construction of four eco-towns, offering 10 000 homes overall.

Largest trial of electric vehicles

The British government unveiled the world's largest coordinated trial of environmentally friendly vehicles this week.

Suppliers of carbon capture technology hit paydirt

After years of wrangling over carbon capture and storage, governments have started to back the technology with policy and money.

A battery-powered classic

To a casual observer, it looks no different from a standard modern Mini, the British classic reimagined, to great plaudits, by BMW.

How the Sahara’s sun could power Europe

A tiny rectangle in the Sahara captures the seductive appeal of the audacious plan to cut Europe's carbon emissions by harnessing the sun's power.

Disappearing lakes leave ice sheets largely unmoved

Fears that the rapid draining of water from the top of Greenland's ice sheet may be contributing to the rise of global sea levels have been allayed by new research. Though scientists confirmed that the water can drain away faster than Niagara Falls, it did not seem to accelerate the movement of the ice sheet into the ocean as previously thought.

Robots, our new friends electric?

Fictional robots always have a personality: Marvin was paranoid, C-3PO was fussy and HAL 9000 was murderous. But reality is disappointingly different. Sophisticated enough to assemble cars and assist during complex surgery, modern robots are dumb automatons, incapable of striking up relationships with humans. But that could soon change.

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