Alok Jha

Cocaine addiction linked to brain disorder

Scientists find abnormalities in key areas of grey matter in the frontal lobes.

Getting to the heart of antimatter

In science fiction stories, antimatter pops up everywhere as a power source for spaceships or the active ingredient in diabolical bombs.

Planets found in Milky Way

The planets, found by researchers at Notre Dame University, in the United States, do not orbit any star.

Passive smoking raises blood pressure in boys

Scientists have found that passive smoking can raise blood pressure levels in boys.

On the tip of the tongue

Research has shown that speaking two languages improves brain performance.

Give tuna and salmon a break

Cut back on tuna and salmon and load your plate instead with herring and sardines if you want to help save the world's fish.

Universal flu jab passes crucial test

Scientists at Oxford University have successfully tested a universal flu vaccine that could work against all known strains of the illness.

Study ‘is breakthrough for MS therapy’

Scientists say they've shown that damage done to nerve cells in multiple sclerosis could be reversed by activating stem cells in the body.

Carbon emissions reduction reflects nations’ economic slump

Global carbon dioxide emissions dropped 1.3% in 2009 compared with the previous year, largely owing to the effects of the economic crisis.

Distinctive brain activity in autistic kids

The pattern of brain activity in children with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) is markedly different from that of children without the condition.

Autism comes out of the shadows

A new study suggests a genetic link that could lead to early detection and better treatment.

Brain’s ‘faulty’ body perception gives a clue to eating disorders

The brain uses several ways to work out the location of different parts of the body -- this includes feedback from muscles and joints.

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