Sarah Boseley

The testing ground: Could an experimental vaccine save the DRC from Ebola?

The virus’ resurgence, this time in a city of more than one-million people could set the scene for a fast-spreading disaster.

Sierra Leone bans festive gatherings on Ebola fears

The army is to enforce the government's travel ban during the Christmas period and a military presence aims to deter street celebrations.

Why Ebola hit West Africa hard

Low HIV rates in West Africa meant the region did not benefit from international aid for clinics and staff, leaving healthcare systems to crumble.

Don’t screen, follow Nigeria’s lead

Doctors say the funds spent on airport checks would be better used to stop Ebola at its source.

Warning of 10 000 new ebola cases a week

With the death rate at 70%, new strategies, resources and tough targets are being put in place.

Drug trials go to heart of Ebola

As healthcare systems collapse from the strain, the race is on to find a treatment that works.

Grow your own marijuana policy

With the US defying drug conventions it once policed so heavily, resistance is fertile.

Weight gain ratchets up risk of ovarian cancer

A new assessment of the evidence suggests putting on weight increases one's risk of the disease.

Fast food linked to child asthma

Extensive research on children is ringing alarm bells about allergies.

Money can’t buy a clean bill of health

Americans may be rich, but they're fat, sick and dying young, according to an official report, writes Sarah Boseley.

Obesity: Children tip the scales

The drive to prevent childhood obesity in the United Kingdom has not made progress.

Attempts to avert HIV are off target

The death toll is falling but there is still no hope for an end to the worldwide pandemic.

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