Amy Lawrence

Young Gunners taste the big time

Arsenal’s Under-19s also beat Bayern Munich 2-0 on Tuesday and are setting the pace in the youth version of the European Champion’s League.

No end to the anguish of Arsène

Wenger has presided over 177 games in Europe's elite competition yet Arsenal keep slipping on the banana skins put before them.

Premier League 2015-16 preview No 1: Arsenal

Stability has been the watchword at Arsenal and Arsène Wenger believes his squad has the hunger, quality and togetherness to succeed.

Del Bosque’s standing is damaged

Seven goals conceded in 135 minutes of tournament football for Spain? How was that even possible?

The most competitive English Premier League ever?

It's crowded at the top of the table – and that's without a challenge from Manchester United.

Malouda’s remedy for French malady

With a derided coach and a grim Euro 2008, France have had it rough since the previous World Cup final, as Florent Malouda admits.

Is there method to Maradona’s madness?

There is only one man in the history of football who has achieved what Diego Maradona craves from the weeks ahead in South Africa.

Blues go for bust

With France far from certain to qualify for next year's World Cup, attention focuses on the poker-faced French coach's strategies.

Arsenal’s ‘Beast’ carries his burden with ease

''Sometimes I'm amazed with European clubs -- they spend fortunes on ordinary players just because they're Brazilian.'' This wry observation, from Tostao, a World Cup winner and one of today's most-respected commentators on Brazilian football, might well apply to many talent-hungry European nations, but England is not one of them.

Madness of the Anglo transfer duty

The ability to win gracefully ought to be less troublesome a skill than losing with dignity. Recently, however, we witnessed an act of spectacular smugness from the Birmingham City chairperson, David Gold. The morning after his team's outstanding demolition of Newcastle United in the FA Cup he thumped himself on the back so hard it was a surprise he didn't knock himself over.

Milan struggle to keep up

''If Milan are what we saw tonight, then it's total darkness, as we were awful.'' Congratulations to AC Milan coach Carlo Ancelotti for the most frank assessment of any of the Champions League teams in Friday's draw for the knockout stage. It sums up their season.

What does this Frenchman know about football?

The famous back four, all in their thirties when Wenger arrived, gave each other an old-fashioned look. Lee Dixon thought the new manager looked like a geography teacher. Tony Adams wondered: ''What does this Frenchman know about football? He's not going to be as good as George [Graham]. Does he even speak English properly?'' Ray Parlour did impressions of Inspector Clouseau.

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