Andrea Hopkins

Voters give Obama’s trip mixed reviews

Ohio sales manager Lucas Seltzer isn't thrilled that Barack Obama is overseas talking to foreigners instead of at home speaking to Americans.

Help for immigrants divides US faithful

Helping illegal immigrants has become an unpopular business in the United States. Republican and Democratic presidential candidates alike have backed down from any previous support for illegal immigrants, and ordinary Americans are treading just as carefully in the face of a growing backlash against the 12-million people here illegally.

Help for immigrants divides US congregations

He doesn't speak Spanish and has no idea what America should do about illegal immigration, but Reverend Larry Kreps knows he's now on a list somewhere of people willing to help illegal immigrants in a time of crisis. Months ago, a member of Kreps' suburban Ohio congregation was looking for a place where local Hispanics could meet.

US gunman’s video yields little for police

A videotaped diatribe by the Virginia Tech gunman shocked students and mesmerised television viewers, but police said on Thursday it yielded little value for the investigation of the campus massacre. Students at the university expressed disgust and disbelief at self-made photos and a disturbing video the killer mailed to NBC News.

Chilling portrait of the gunman emerges

The gunman who massacred 32 people at Virginia Tech university was identified on Tuesday as a student from South Korea and a troubled loner whose behavior had sometimes alarmed those around him. As students and teachers grieved at a tearful memorial service led by President George Bush, police said Cho Seung-Hui (23) had acted alone.

South Korean student named as campus shooter

The gunman who killed 32 people and then himself at Virginia Tech university on Monday was identified by police on Tuesday as Cho Seung-Hui, a South Korean studying at the university. Police said Cho (23) was studying English literature. They gave no motive for the shooting rampage, the worst in United States history.

Virginia Tech: How did it happen?

Police and university authorities faced pressure on Tuesday to explain how a gunman apparently evaded detection after killing two people and then went on to kill 30 others two hours later in America's worst shooting rampage. The man, whom police have not identified, killed himself in a classroom at Virginia Tech university after opening fire on students and staff.

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