Andrew Arinaitwe

Ugandan soldiers shoot learner while quelling riot

The trouble began when school authorities denied the learners permission to watch a football match between Manchester United and Manchester City

Uganda’s tasty crickets are in short supply

They’re a sought-after seasonal delicacy, but deforestation and a growing export market are leaving Ugandans with too little to crunch on

Bobi Wine collaborator Nubian Li recounts his prison ordeal

Bobi Wine and Nubian Li have made a lot of music together. And when Bobi Wine transformed himself into the leader of Uganda’s political opposition, Nubian Li stayed by his side. His passion for a better, free Uganda is undimmed despite the suffering he endured

Uganda’s return to the dark days of Idi Amin

Hundreds of opposition supporters have disappeared in the last few months, allegedly detained or abducted by Uganda’s security forces

The dichotomy of Dominic Ongwen

The brutality meted out to the infamous Ugandan warlord was almost as horrifying as that delivered by him

Uganda: ‘I have never seen this much tear-gas in an election’

Counting was slow across Uganda as a result of the internet shutdown, which affected some of the biometric machines used to validate voter registrations.

What would a Wine win look like?

Ugandans’ choice at the polls was more about stemming a sixth term for the Museveni regime than about actual policy

The return of Uganda’s royal Rolls Royce

The Kabaka of Buganda’s fleet of Rolls-Royces was seized in a coup nearly 60 years ago. Now his successor has brought the only known ‘survivor’ home

‘He ain’t heavy, he’s a policeman and he’s paying . . .’

The story behind Ugandan photojournalist Nicholas Bamulanzeki’s iconic picture of the policeman in the floods

25 years of selling newspapers

From a street corner in Kampala, a newspaper vendor has observed an industry in decline — quickened by the coronavirus pandemic

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