Andy Goldberg
Andy Goldberg works from Los Angeles, CA. Actor and Writer. Improv coach. Author of 'Improv Comedy'. Original member of Off The Wall, who performed regularly at 'The Improv' in Hollywood. Andy Goldberg has over 158 followers on Twitter.
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/ 14 January 2008

‘Cars aren’t just for driving any more’

Advances in digital technology are set to transform the automotive world, making cars safer, more efficient and more fun to drive, says General Motors chairperson Rick Wagoner. His speech at last week’s Consumer Electronics World, the world’s largest technology fair, signified how fast cars are integrating electronic gadgets.

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/ 12 April 2005

The amazing Biosphere 2 is up for sale

If you have a cool -million to spare, you might want to take a look at one of the most intriguing and unique property deals on the planet. Biosphere 2, the audacious attempt by Texas billionaire Ed Bass to build a structure that would replicate the entire ecosystem of planet Earth, is up for sale.

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/ 18 March 2005

Celebrity trials dominate US media

”You’re innocent until proven broke,” said celebrity lawyer Johnnie Cochrane who managed to secure football star OJ Simpson an acquittal in his celebrated double-murder case a decade ago. That case, followed breathlessly by television cameras from around the world, set off an obsession with celebrity trials, which seemed to reach its peak last Tuesday when three separate cases dominated the news in the United States.

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/ 9 December 2003

So Hef, how does it feel to have won?

It all started on a kitchen table in Chicago 50 years ago when Hugh Hefner, a former scribe at Esquire magazine decided that the men of America deserved better. With of his own money and 000 more in loans he put together the first issue of the men’s magazine Playboy in December 1953.