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Former Brazil President Lula da Silva, wife and six others charged with corruption

Da Silva could face arrest for receiving an apartment from one of the engineering and construction firms in the Petrobras scandal.

​New President Temer’s 2018 plans rattle Brazil’s fragile coalition politics

His tenure is based on taking unpopular decisions and clearing the way for wannabe presidents.

Brazil’s Senate votes to put President Rousseff on trial

The South American country's first female president has been suspended and stripped of all her duties pending the outcome of her impeachment trial.

Brazil to take on Germany angered by Neymar’s World Cup injury

Brazil's loss of their star player has dented their chances of winning a record sixth World Cup as they go on to face Germany in the semifinals.

Fifa expects Brazil cops to quell violent protest

As Brazilian authorities brace for a new set of protests during the World Cup, Fifa says it expects Brazil's police to contain violent demonstrations.

US Congress passes stimulus, EU recession deepens

Congress passed a -billion stimulus plan to jump-start the economy on Friday, as G7 finance chiefs vowed to ward off the specter of protectionism.

Cuba looks to golf to boost tourism

The only time Cuba's Fidel Castro is known to have played golf was in 1961, in a stunt thumbing his nose at the United States. Now that Fidel has handed over power to his brother, Raul, Communist Cuba is setting aside any ideological objections and is embracing golf, the most capitalist of sports.

Castro stepping down as Cuba’s leader

Ailing Cuban leader Fidel Castro said on Tuesday that he will not return to lead the country as president or commander-in-chief, retiring as head of state 49 years after he seized power in an armed revolution. Castro (81) said he would not seek a new presidential term when the National Assembly meets on February 24.

Castro hints he will not cling to power

Ailing Cuban leader Fidel Castro, who has not been seen in public for 16 months, suggested on Monday he might give up his formal leadership posts -- the first time he has spoken of his possible retirement since he fell ill. Castro, who took power in a 1959 revolution, handed over temporarily to his brother Raul Castro in July 2006.

Weakened Tropical Storm Noel drenches Cuba

Tropical Storm Noel weakened as it moved across Cuba on Tuesday, dumping torrential rain on already water-logged areas of the Caribbean island after killing at least 18 people in flashfloods and mudslides in the Dominican Republic and Haiti. Double the average rainfall in October has already filled reservoirs in eastern Cuba to the brim and authorities are worried about flooding.

Sicko patients got VIP treatment in Cuba

Three New York rescue workers injured in the September 11 attacks got the best treatment Cuba can offer in Michael Moore's film critique of United States healthcare. The 9/11 responders spent 10 days on the 19th floor of Cuba's flagship hospital with a view of the Caribbean sea, a sharp contrast to many Cuban hospitals.

Castro says he’s eating well, age the only risk

Cuban leader Fidel Castro said on Wednesday he was eating enough solid food to recover from several intestinal operations that had not been successful at first. In his most detailed account of his health crisis, Castro said he spent months being fed intravenously, but has recovered his weight to a stable 80kg.

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