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Sorry Romney, Obama’s not apologising

US President Barack Obama has refused to apologise for accusing Mitt Romney of outsourcing jobs while in charge of Bain Capital.

US ends combat mission in Iraq

The United States military was preparing to end its Iraq combat mission after seven years of fighting that cost thousands of lives.

US to end Iraq combat mission as bloodshed spikes

United States forces are set to end their combat mission in Iraq within days despite an upsurge in deadly attacks.

Baghdad on high alert as US forces pull out

Iraq's security forces were on high alert on Monday in Baghdad as US troops finalised their withdrawal from the conflict-hit nation's urban areas.

UK police team in Pakistan for Bhutto probe

A British police team flew into Pakistan on Friday to help probe the killing of Benazir Bhutto after President Pervez Musharraf admitted he was unhappy with his country's handling of the investigation. The detectives from an elite anti-terrorism team at Scotland Yard flew in amid raging controversy over the assassination of the opposition leader.

Opposition eye better security ahead of Pakistan vote

Pakistan's opposition parties demanded better security on Thursday as the nation prepared for a lengthy campaign ahead of February 18 elections, a week after the assassination of Benazir Bhutto. The country's main political parties confirmed they would resume the race to restore democracy but said the government must ensure candidates are protected.

Pakistan awaits new election date after Bhutto killing

Pakistan election officials were Wednesday poised to announce the date of crucial polls, thrown into chaos in the wake of opposition leader Benazir Bhutto's assassination. A few hours later President Pervez Musharraf is to address the nation for the first time since her slaying at a campaign rally last week.

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