Atilla Kisla

South Africa: A safe haven for perpetrators of international crimes?

Examples from the past 10 years illustrate a growing trend to avoid or slow down extradition proceedings to other countries or transfers to international entities

Back to old habits? South African arms exports to Saudi Arabia and the UAE

Does South Africa care more about its own economic interests than the world’s worst humanitarian crisis in Yemen?

The recently renewed NPA should show its teeth

The body should overcome its reluctance to classify atrocities as crimes against humanity, as the cases of Joao Rodrigues and Wouter Basson demonstrate

João Rodrigues, apartheid-era crimes and the question of a blanket amnesty

The former Security Branch officer is asking the SCA for a permanent stay of appeal in the prosecution of the murder of Ahmed Timol in 1971

Hate speech and LGBTI rights: perspectives from the Jon Qwelane case

South Africa has an obligation to prohibit hate speech under international law, including against LGBTI persons. But now the Constitutional Court has to decide whether the hate speech provision is constitutional

Zimbabwe: What is the current status of the Torture Docket case?

International crimes must be prosecuted and domestic jurisdictions are well placed to do this. Domestic prosecutions based on universal jurisdiction are on the rise

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