Azad Essa

Six years on, still no justice or closure for Marikana victims

As thousands of mining jobs are cut, families of striking workers slain in 2012 still await compensation and justice

Zuma reshuffles cabinet ‘in bid to secure energy deal’

Zuma appears to be hedging bets before the party conference in December 2017 when the ANC will elect a new leader

​Israel is making inroads into Africa and no one seems to mind its checkered methods

More than anything else, Israel needs friends in Africa to vote in its favour at the UN.

Modi preaches peace in Durban while back home Indian troops open fire on mourners

While India’s leader was retracing Gandhi’s not-so-clean footsteps in South Africa, peaceful protesters were being shot dead in Kashmir.

South Africa in midst of ‘epic drought’

South Africa is facing its worst drought since 1982, with more than 2.7-million households facing water shortages across the country.

Thousands evacuated from rat-infested Pollsmoor prison

At least 4 000 inmates are being evacuated from Pollsmoor prison after at least one prisoner died from a disease related to rat infestation.

Malema case: Game changer in SA politics?

All the shock, disapproval and applause that greeted Judge Billy Mothle's decision to strike Julius Malema's case off the roll.

Facilities for Burundi refugees at breaking point: MSF

About 2 500 Burundians are fleeing into Tanzania every week, overwhelming aid agencies who say refugee facilities had now reached "breaking point".

Displaced face uncertain future as SA camp closes

The last camp in SA hosting displaced foreigners following xenophobic attacks across the country in April, is scheduled to close on Tuesday.

South Africa and Nigeria spar over xenophobic violence

SA condemns the withdrawing of envoys by Nigeria and says it did not blame Nigeria for poorly handling the aftermath of the church collapse in 2014.

[Archives] Remembering the Sharpeville massacre

South Africans mark 55 years since one of the worst apartheid-era mass killings, but other atrocities are still forgotten.

Boko Haram hits new lows of depravity

Using a little girl as a human bomb is despicable, but the military is not blameless in the conflict, writes Azad Essa.

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