Bayano Valy

Former Mozambican president takes the stand

Former president Armando Guebuza gave evidence in a corruption trial that has transfixed the nation

An overly civil society?

Mozambican activists lack the power to intervene on behalf of the most vulnerable, says a report. Bayano Valy investigates.

Reeling from shock

In Maputo, Bayano Valy finds a range of explanations for the attacks on foreigners in South Africa.

Another five years for Frelimo

There were few surprises this week when the final results for Mozambique's general elections on December 1 and 2 were announced. On Tuesday, the National Elections Commission said the presidential poll had been won by Armando Guebuza of the ruling Frelimo party. This group also garnered a majority of seats in Parliament.

Widows stripped of their rights by Aids

When her husband died two months ago, Albertina Come did not only lose him. She also lost their house and belongings acquired through hard work over ten years of marriage. Come's husband is among some 97 000 Mozambicans who health authorities say will die of HIV/Aids this year alone. And Come's situation is not unique.

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