Luis Nhachote, The Continent

Cabo Delgado’s hungry refugees are running out of places to run

Insurgents have moved into villages that used to be safe, forcing people to flee. That instability is driving widespread hunger

Faltering insurgency in Mozambique still threatens lives – and gas projects

Instability around crucial projects leaves them stalled, while Frelimo’s inability to accept its leadership failures is preventing long-term solutions to the conflict

Rwanda eyes the spoils of war in Mozambique

When Rwanda sent its army to help Mozambique fight the insurgency in the north, many wondered what it might be getting in return for its largesse

Former Mozambican president takes the stand

Former president Armando Guebuza gave evidence in a corruption trial that has transfixed the nation

Bonomado Machude Omar, Mozambique’s most wanted man

The leader of the insurgency in the country’s northern Cabo Delgado province is described as ‘sinister and brutal’ but ‘with a sense of justice’

War in Mozambique follows those who fled from the coast

With regional forces retaking Cabo Delgado, insurgents turn their attention inland

Mozambique’s Rapale camp: A transit to nowhere

The strife in Cabo Delgado has displaced more than 800 000 people. Some have found their way to the Rapale transit centre, where they are struggling to survive as foreign and local forces fight over their homelands.

Western Union suspends services in Mozambique’s Cabo Delgado

It is now considerably more difficult for Mozambicans in the conflict-hit province to use financial services

Kagame: Rwanda is paying for the Cabo Delgado intervention’

Responding to widespread claims that France is funding Rwandan forces, the president says ‘no one is sponsoring’ his army

Cabo Delgado is a warzone, but profiteers strike it rich

But anger over human rights abuses in the ruby-rich province fuels resentment and insurgency

‘Beheadings’: Aid workers wait for visas as violence intensifies in Mozambique

Amnesty International has released a report that implicates Al-Shabaab, the military and mercenaries in atrocities in Cabo Delgado province

Baby Awa: The miracle baby born on a boat fleeing Mozambique’s violence

More than 300 000 people in the north of the country have been displaced by militants who ransack villages and then burn them down.

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