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Industry and campaigners spar over carbon tax

The new tax, the first of its type in Africa, was cautiously introduced last month in the first of several gradual step

Chinese fishing deal makes waves ahead of Madagascar polls

Against the backdrop of an already tense situation due to the presidential poll, a new fisheries deal with Chinese investors has provoked an outcry

Ex-rulers favourites in Madagascar’s high-stakes election

Many voters see accessing water, electricity and jobs as their priorities

Gang wars erupt over abandoned mines in SA

With the emergence of armed gangs operating in illegal mining, rival miners kidnap and force each other to work in slave-like conditions underground.

Tension high as student protesters march in London

Thousands of students have marched through London against cuts to university funding, facing off against police armed with rubber bullets.

Bill Gates, UK pledge billions to vaccinate 250-million children

Britain and Bill Gates have pledged more than half of the $3.7-billion sought to vaccinate nearly 250-million children against preventable diseases.

Wikileaks chief Assange fears US charges

WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange said on Friday it was "increasingly likely" the US would try to extradite him.

On Jo’burg minibuses, confusion reigns

The minibus throws itself into reverse on a busy road in Pretoria, after 30 minutes of driving in circles around the city.

Southern Africa gears up for 2010

Fancy world-class soccer in SA alongside a trip to the Victoria Falls or a Namib desert safari? This is possible, according to Fifa organisers.

Rotting corpses reveal ethnic massacre in Kenya

In the remote west Kenyan village of Koiluget, a deadly attack by a rival ethnic group just over a week ago left behind more than just twisted sheet metal and charred walls -- rotting corpses still litter the corn fields. Eight days after the Koiluget raid, wisps of smoke still smoulder from the houses.

East Africa feels the butterfly effect

Beating the air with her homemade net, Aicha Ali chases a swirling black and turquoise butterfly. Far from indulging in a frivolous pastime, this Kenyan mother is earning crucial family income. "I like capturing butterflies; it's fun because I make some money," she says, puffing as she wipes the sweat pearling on her nose after a frantic chase in the forest's sandy trails.

Kenyan Millennium Village tests poverty-reduction goals

Gaudencia, a Kenyan woman in her fifties, works barefoot preparing her fallow field for sowing corn. Until two years ago, she had no idea leaving the land untilled some seasons could reap a better harvest. ''It was not enough to feed the whole family before. But now it is,'' she says, wiping beads of sweat off her forehead.

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