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ANC’s Mthembu pleads guilty to drunken driving

African National Congress spokesperson Jackson Mthembu has been convicted of drunken driving following a plea agreement with prosecutors.

Lawyer tells how he tried to cut Mandela speech

One of Nelson Mandela's Rivonia lawyers confessed on Friday how he tried -- and failed -- to stop the ANC leader using one of the most famous phrases.

‘Vuvuzelas not instruments of war’

Foreign football fans can rest assured that the vuvuzela is not an instrument of war, Minister of Police Nathi Mthethwa said on Tuesday.

Clean kills in rabbit cull on Robben Island

"It's a clean, fast kill," says marksman Abelines Schoeman, as his spotlight searches for the telltale red glint that betrays a rabbit's eye.

‘Slap on the wrist’ for Shaik after parole violations

In what the opposition has described as a ''slap on the wrist'', fraud convict Schabir Shaik has been given a formal warning after parole violations.

Christmas cheers for Mkhankatho Blues

Youngsters in the rural Transkei village of Mkhankatho are getting a Christmas present with a difference this week: a soccer field.

Robben rabbits to become bunny chow

Robben Island's culled rabbits are going to be turned into meals for poor people, island acting chief executive Jatti Bredekamp said on Friday.

Zuma calls for rethink on municipalities

President Jacob Zuma on Tuesday called for a major rethink on the role and functions of municipalities.

ANC outlines plans to reclaim Western Cape

The ANC says it is to conduct an audit of all its Western Cape branches as a first step to regaining control of Cape Town and the province.

Robben Island rabbits to face the bullet

Robben Island authorities are to embark on a major cull of the island's rabbits, fallow deer and cats next month.

Sisulu sticks to her guns on soldier dismissals

There was no possibility of a change of heart on dismissal notices that have been sent out to 1 300 soldiers, Lindiwe Sisulu said on Wednesday.

SA-Zim investment-protection accord to be signed soon

A crucial investment-protection agreement between SA and Zimbabwe should be signed by the end of this month.

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