Bhekinkosi Moyo

‘Address the issues women face’

To achieve sustainable development, it is imperative to address women's living conditions

Shaping the next 20 years

Developing science and technology for the youth.

Giving is key to Africa’s wellbeing

In Africa, everyone is both a philanthropist and a recipient of philanthropy. Nothing is more unAfrican than being left to bury a loved one alone.

Obama’s melodies may need some fine-tuning

When the trumpeter blew his horn on Saturday afternoon welcoming President Barack Obama to Ghana, he responded rhythmically by saying: “I like this.”

‘What about us?’

Children go to bed on empty stomachs because maintenance defaulters shrug off their duty to support them. When women are frustrated in their attempt to access maintenance, their children are denied the only source of income that stands between them and starvation. Too often maintenance becomes a battle between the parents, when it is should be about the rights of the children.

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