Blessing Miles Tendi

Zimbabwe’s Solomon Mujuru: general and nonpartisan

Mujuru sought to professionalise Zimbabwe’s army in the 1980s; later, as an MP, he stood against partisanship. Today’s officers and politicians should follow his lead

The last hours of Solomon Mujuru

Zimbabwean General Solomon Mujuru died in suspicious circumstances in August 2011. This is an edited extract from his recently published biography by Blessing-Miles Tendi

From Zimbabwe to Bolivia: What makes a military coup?

When the military intervened against Mugabe in Zimbabwe in 2017, it wasn't widely called a coup. New research shows that's exactly what it was

Apathy greets news of a new Zimbabwe constitution

Zimbabwe's warring political leaders have agreed on a constitutional compromise, starting a process that is expected to end in elections this year.

Zuma gives Zim opposition hope

With Zimbabwe gearing up for elections, Robert Mugabe's opponents are welcoming the re-election of SA President Jacob Zuma as leader of the ANC.

Whitewashing Zimbabwe’s history

The film <i>Mugabe and the White African</i> puts a heroic gloss on the colonial attitudes that endure in independent Zimbabwe.

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