Boitumelo Kgobotlo

The invention to detect foot-and-mouth disease in one hour

New technology helps manage the disease that spells gloom for economies and livestock

Study finds too much salt can damage immune cell function

The study investigated how sodium intake affects human cells by giving participants 6g of salt in tablet form each day for 14 days, while they continued with their normal diets.

Human history on the verge of being wiped out by climate change

Cave drawings dating back more than 45 000 years are slowly eroding as temperatures and humidity fluctuate

Tiny dinosaur with big eyes and ‘ears’ hunted in the dark

A tiny theropod, Shuvuuia, the name of which derives from the Mongolian word for bird, is part of a group known as the alvarezsaurus, had both extraordinary hearing and night vision.

Noise pollution affects plants and their pollinators

A study of piñon and juniper show that regular exposure to loud sounds affect plants’ growth while birds dispersing seeds move away

Your smartphone is probably spying on you

The spy in your pocket: Granting microphone and camera permission to certain apps does not mean they are only active during use

Mice to the rescue in schizophrenia research

A new study has shown that similarities between human brains and those of mice can make them useful for studying mental illness, something previously believed impossible

Why handwriting is still important in the age of tech

Your brain remembers differently when using tech or simply pen and paper

Anteosaurus: Savage pre-mammalian hunter was no slowcoach

Evolutionary studies find that the Anteosaurus, previously assumed to be a sluggish animal, was actually a savage hunter

A South African solution for better drinking water

Solar-powered purifier removes bad taste and smells from wastewater

A Gauteng firm is using bioplastics to limit microplastics

Humans eat, drink and breathe in tens of thousands of micro- and nanoplastics, but research into the effects on health is limited

Turn off your Zoom video and help the planet

The pandemic has forced us indoors and using more data than ever before, putting more strain on the environment

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