Bongani Majola

To vaccinate or not to vaccinate – A human rights question

The South African Human Rights Commission reiterates its call in encouraging everyone to have themselves vaccinated against Covid-19

Healthcare in protest: The state should heed the desperation

Violent protests at health facilities haven’t only uncovered failings, they have revealed the interconnected nature of the rights we aspire to live

Refugees have an equal right to healthcare

The health department recognises this but not everyone, including asylum seekers, knows this

‘Mr Lover Lover’ wows SA audiences

Shaggy demonstrated to all present at the MTN Sundome in Johannesburg that he is not just a singer, but a damned excellent performer too, writes Bongani Majola.

Nokia, Madiba join forces in E Cape

"If I succumb to cancer and go to the next world, the first thing I will do there is look for the ANC branch.

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