Burak Akinci

Turkey readies for return of coalition rule

Turkey is preparing for a return to coalition government, hoping there will be no chaos and uncertainty that dogged such alliances in the past.

Syrians pour into Turkey as tanks enter border zone

Syrian troops and tanks have entered a border zone, sending hundreds of people fleeing into Turkey, as pro-democracy protests hit the 100-day mark

Turkey turns up diplomatic heat in genocide row with US

A diplomatic rift between Turkey and the United States deepened on Friday after Ankara recalled its ambassador to Washington over a vote in the US Congress to label the massacre of Armenians by the Ottoman Turks an act of genocide. The envoy's recall came as the White House sought to mollify its Nato partner.

Bastion of smoking begins battle against nicotine

For about half the adult population of Turkey, smoking is an absolutely normal activity, the result being a permanent national health disaster with anti-smoking campaigns making barely a dent in the habit. Now, about 100 lawmakers have submitted an anti-smoking Bill to Parliament that will ban the habit in coffee houses, shopping centres and taxis.

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