Carlos Amato

Carlos Amato: Tutu took love to its limits

As the confessor-in-chief of South Africa’s transition to democracy, the archbishop upheld a vision of political justice rooted in atonement and empathy, rather than action and accountability

Screen Grab: Try the snake linguini in ‘Succession’

HBO’s ‘Succession’ is back, at last — and as bitterly gripping as ever

The European Film Festival hits South African screens

The free online festival, opening today, projects a complex mosaic of a continent under stress

Screen Grab: A demon of tedium stalks the ‘Midnight Mass’

Mike Flanagan’s Netflix horror series might make you scream for the wrong reason: its heroes are haunted by self-help bollocks

Screen Grab: An eastern western, way down South

In the acclaimed ‘Minari’, now streaming on Showmax, a Korean family start farming and fuming in the Ozarks

Screen Grab: ‘Inhuman Resources’ — Cantona hits dark places with his collar up

In 'Inhuman Resources', the former footballer switches off his roguish charm, to gripping effect

Screen Grab: In the land of the lotus eaters

Hawaii hotel drama ‘The White Lotus’ is a shade warmer than ‘Succession’ in its assault on American privilege — but it carries a riptide of savage wit.

Screengrab: ‘Wesens’ has the final weird

In the Afrikaans sci-fi gem on Showmax, found footage reveals an inexplicable object in the Karoo

Screen Grab: A big sting in the small tale of Undercover’s confined setting

The Dutch-Belgian crime thriller, set on a campsite, makes the most of its confined setting

Screen Grab: Where were Messi’s friends when the chips were down?

From Leo to Rassie to Mourinho, the art of the endorsement commercial is in laughably bad shape

Screen Grab: Istanbul’s eye

The Netflix drama ‘Ethos’ lays bare the divided soul of contemporary Turkey

Screen Grab: The devil is in the retail in Krugersdorp

In the true crime docuseries “Devilsdorp”, Cecilia Steyn emerges as an entrepreneur of depravity who monetised white South Africa’s legacy of moral panic about Satanism

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