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Carlos Amato

Screen grab: The devil is in the retail

In the true crime docuseries “Devilsdorp”, Cecilia Steyn emerges as an entrepreneur of depravity who monetised white South Africa’s legacy of moral panic about Satanism

Screen Grab: New Dork City

In the sweetly neurotic world of How To With John Wilson, we discover the awkward core of the Big Apple

A leap too far for the imagination

‘Baghdad Central’ lacks authenticity, like so many films about foreign lands made by foreigners

Screen Grab: Watching the Euros is shockingly good

If you can look past the bad SuperSport suits and live-action heart attacks, the Euros offer a seductive glimpse of a post-pandemic world

Screen Grab: Ramaphosa, the pixelated prez

Having taken on the form of a spectral apparition, many of us have stopped watching Cyril Ramaphosa’s speeches

Screen Grab: Omar Sy weaves a rebel spell in ‘Lupin’

Omar Sy’s charming master thief televises a dreamy revolution in Lupin, Netflix’s latest Euro blockbuster

Screen Grab: Deeply shallow

The documentary ‘Seaspiracy’ is a textbook display of disingenuous interviewing

SCREEN GRAB: Funny, not funny

HBO's Fake Famous is a humorous dive into the Instagram racket, but it misses the painful collateral damage of the influencer economy

Rehumanising Diego Maradona

In two recent documentaries, we finally get up close to the complicated sadness of Argentina’s original football deity

Bishop Emeritus Rubin Phillip: The guerilla priest

From his adventures with Steve Biko to his support for shack dwellers in KwaZulu-Natal, Bishop Emeritus Rubin Phillip has always walked the talk of radical Christianity

Would wage transparency work in SA?

In Scandinavian countries, citizens can look up what any other citizen earns in an online national database. Could South Africa use a version of income transparency? Economists, as usual, are divided.

Edwin Cameron’s fight for humane prisons

The retired Constitutional Court judge is the new inspector of prisons and he argues that SA’s courts should stop filling them up

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