Ingonyama Trust Board wins right of leave to appeal

Argument against the residential leases programme court ruling will be heard at the supreme court of appeal

Research finds fitness trackers increase physical activity

During the Covid-19 lockdown many people discovered the benefits of wearables in maintaining fitness goals

Philippines election shows how personality politics is our collective future in this digital populist age

These elections are a warning of how history can be washed over and and used to promote modern dynasties

Newcastle blow up Arsenal’s Champions League dream

Mikel Arteta's men were well beaten by the Magpies to almost certainly seal their fate in next year's Europa League



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Carlos Hamann

Bush faces new political battle over Iraq withdrawal

United States President George Bush on Sunday faced a new clash with congressional Democrats over the unpopular war in Iraq as Senate Democrats reportedly reached a deal that would allow soldiers to spend more time at home. ''If we were to be driven out of Iraq, extremists of all strains would be emboldened,'' Bush said on Saturday.

Murder of defence lawyer threatens Saddam trial

The murder of a second defence lawyer in the Saddam Hussein trial threatens to unravel the proceedings of the United States-sponsored court, set up to try crimes committed during Iraq's former dictatorship. Lawyers for Saddam and his seven co-defendants in the trial for crimes against humanity that opened on October 19 have suspended contacts with the court, demanding a 10-point list of demands be met.

Saddam: ‘I am still president of Iraq’

A defiant Saddam Hussein, proclaiming he was still ''president'' of Iraq, on Wednesday refused to give even his name as he appeared in court on the first day of a trial being watched across the globe. He delivered a widely predicted but feisty tirade against the judge and the legitimacy of the court.

‘No tears’ for Saddam

Former Iraqi leader Saddam Hussein goes on trial on Wednesday on charges of crimes against humanity in the first of what could be several cases over atrocities committed during his quarter-century in power. Saddam's lawyer said he would seek an adjournment of at least three months.

Will Saddam get a fair trial?

A leading rights group has warned that the special Iraqi tribunal set up with United States sponsorship to try Saddam Hussein may not be able to give the former dictator and his top aides a fair trial. Saddam, now 68, will be in on court on Wednesday along with three former top lieutenants and four regional officials of his Ba'ath Party.

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