Carlos on crossing Hatebridge

As the humanitarian crisis unfolds at the Beitbridge border post, Hatebridge opens for business on Twitter

Can member-owned football clubs succeed?

Football supporters often fantasise about seizing control of their clubs, sending owners and officials down the tunnel. But evidence suggests that democratic, fan-owned teams are not for glory hunters

Carlos on Busi’s imaginary rogues

There's no such thing as an abominable rogue unit-corn

Carlos on Oozymandias’ goodbye grift

"Look on my works ye Mighty, and gimme 50 bucks!"

Carlos on the difference a peace prize makes

What a difference a year makes.

Carlos on the wheels of SA justice

South African justice is up on bricks.

Carlos on comrades watching their step

Careful comrades, the plank is a bit wobbly.

Carlos on a breath of stale air

Trump may well end up losing to Biden, but Trumpism remains a viable political force.

Carlos on the world’s weirdest relics

Some curiosities should only seen in a museum.

Cartoon: No escapé for Signor Agrizzi

Angelo Agrizzi will have to enjoy the South African government’s hospitality for the time being

Cartoon: Carlos on The Stir’s reporting

Stir well, then let simmer until done.

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