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Carlos on Mboweni’s piñata of pain

Something has to give Mr Mboweni

Carlos on three little pricks

You'll feel a slight pinch, nothing more.

Carlos on powerfully obvious solutions

What to do, what to do... If only there was a way for Mantashe and De Ruyter to reliably produce power while protecting the environment.

Carlos on South Africa’s deepest holes

Check out the unnatural wonder that is the SSA

Carlos on crossing Hatebridge

As the humanitarian crisis unfolds at the Beitbridge border post, Hatebridge opens for business on Twitter

Carlos on Busi’s imaginary rogues

There's no such thing as an abominable rogue unit-corn

Carlos on Oozymandias’ goodbye grift

"Look on my works ye Mighty, and gimme 50 bucks!"

Carlos on the wheels of SA justice

South African justice is up on bricks.

Carlos on comrades watching their step

Careful comrades, the plank is a bit wobbly.

Carlos on a breath of stale air

Trump may well end up losing to Biden, but Trumpism remains a viable political force.

Carlos on the world’s weirdest relics

Some curiosities should only seen in a museum.

Cartoon: No escapé for Signor Agrizzi

Angelo Agrizzi will have to enjoy the South African government’s hospitality for the time being

Cartoon: Carlos on The Stir’s reporting

Stir well, then let simmer until done.

Cartoon: A Messi affair in the Barcelona house

An untidy board room has prompted a transfer request from the little man

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