Charlotte Bauer

Barack’s popularity balloons

The Troyeville Hotel heaved with party people on Wednesday night as hundreds turned up to celebrate Barack Obama's White House win.

Homeboy blogger wins big

One of Thought Leader's most popular bloggers has been named winner of the "innovative use of the Internet" award at the Highway Africa conference.

Homeboy blogger wins big at Highway Africa

Khaya Dlanga, one of Thought Leader's popular bloggers, has been named winner of the Innovative use of the Internet award at Highway Africa.

Civilians on the catwalk

The scoop on the models at the Sanlam SA Fashion Week recently held at the Sandton Convention Centre, is that some of them aren't models.

Botox sans frontiers

Once minor aesthetic procedures, such as Botox injections and "fillers", had to be administered by a medical specialist: now my GP does them in betwee

Ducking and diving

About the time man first walked on the moon, flying was considered to be quite glamorous. Back then, commercial air travel must have been like going to a nightclub. It involved wearing your coolest clothes, guzzling free booze without fear of being restrained in plastic cuffs and at least pretending you'd got laid.

From rainbow nation to nutty nation

Fourteen years into democracy, South Africans are over the rainbow nation and growing up fast. And nowhere is our transition from ''colour-blind'' children to sharp-tongued teenagers more evident than in the jingle of fruity, rooty names we're using to describe ourselves and one another.

And Mme Sarkozy’s winning ways

Wait till Jacob Zuma hears this. France's new first lady, Carla Bruni, is into polygamy. “Monogamy bores me terribly,” she told the French newspaper, Le Figaro, a few months before meeting and rapidly marrying President Nicolas Sarkozy. “I prefer polygamy and polyandry [the female equivalent].”

SA author goes large

Author Jonny Steinberg's <i>Three-Letter Plague</i> has attracted serious critical and retail attention in the US, writes Charlotte Bauer.

Stars in his eyes

Renaye D Menasseh spoke to Neil Gaiman, author of <i>Stardust</i>, now a major movie, that was released this week.

Dressing up to conquer

CD of the week: Keith HendersonBoo! continue their climb towards glittery Munki Punk superstardom with the release of their first CD, which happens...

FW’s getting shirty for the elections

Marion Edmunds NATIONAL Party leader Deputy President FW de Klerk is to spend as little time as possible in a suit in the...

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