Charlotte Bauer

Tour de goodies

More entertaining than watching the riders go by is being in the skirmish for promotional junk, writes <b>Charlotte Bauer</b>.

Somewhere over the runway

Life under the post-aviation volcano would be slow moving, if not entirely peaceful at first, writes <b>Charlotte Bauer</b>.

Getting shirty

In recent times, and most visibly since the murder of AWB leader Eugene Terre'Blanche, a certain kind of shirt has come to stand for more.

Life in Oz is too ruff for us Saffers

Growing numbers of mostly white South Africans, who moved to Australia so that their children could play on the streets, are re-packing for Pretoria.

Royals shock Zuma

Possibly the only British citizen not troubled by Jacob Zuma's state visit to the UK this week is the queen.

Queen’s banquet for Zuma: Wine, women and bagpipes

Perhaps the royal planners thought they would have things in common: whether by accident or design, Zuma was seated next to Camilla Parker Bowles.

Public tide turns against JZ

Charlotte Bauer: What has sobered me since the story went public is how very seriously South Africa's citizens are taking this turn of events.

My sister will be famous

The name Belinda Bauer might not ring big bells for South Africans, but she is both my sister and the author of a new crime thriller.

Making merry without the office party

The biggest upside of not having an office party is that the risk of death or injury on the way home will be massively diminished.

Down comes another German wall

On November 9 the Goethe-Institut knocked down its boundary wall to commemorate the 20th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall.

Cape Town — the place Jo’burgers love to hate

When you live in Johannesburg it's easy to hate Cape Town.

Current threat to our free press

We are in a recession and this is no time for the sin of pride. The credit crunch has hit everyone hard, but arguably none so hard as journalists.

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