Charlotte Bauer

Crowning Gloria

Charlotte Bauer is blown away by a recent encounter with Gloria Steinem, the original women's libber.

Thinking outside the inbox

Charlotte Bauer's best Digital Age experience last week was seeing the Google Maps car -- cruising down her street as she came out of her driveway.

Dressing up

COUNTERPOINT: You magazine just did what the rest of South Africa has been dying to do.

Cage-free eggs are oh so eco-chic

Charlotte Bauer recalls a dinner she co-hosted recently, where she discovered how there was going to be plenty of nothing for everyone.

If we can’t beat ’em, we’ll blow ’em away

If the Egypt players were subject to terrible damage in Egypt, they were subject to terrible damage control in South Africa.

TAKE2: Walking on the moon

I almost fell off my exercycle at 7am on this icy Jo'burg morning when I switched on the TV and saw that Michael Jackson was dead.

Herding and chewing the cud –

Among ringing cowbells, delegates at the start of the 2009 World Economic Forum on Africa took their seats and turned on their Blackberries.

Puppets in the hands of censorship

Even the SABC's announcement about why they had ditched the doctored version of the show at the last minute was so clunky.

Let them eat chicken

The inauguration of Jacob Zuma as South Africa's fourth democratically elected president was really quite wonderful.

Time’s political pomp formula works for Top 100

<i>Time </i>magazine's 2009 Top 100 edition of the "world's most influential people" is the purest showbiz. But oh, what a show it is.

Your 2010 ticket guide

Charlotte Bauer's five steps to getting your hands on 2010 World Cup tickets.

M&G founder member gets achiever award

Barbara Ludman, founder member of the M&G, has won a Vodacom Lifetime Achiever award for her ''invaluable contribution to SA journalism.

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