Charlotte Plantive

Court to hear ‘double jeopardy’ case with implications for Trump

The Fifth Amendment of the US Constitution says that no one can be "twice put in jeopardy of life or limb" for the same crime

Kavanaugh swings US Supreme Court to the right

With the arrival of Brett Kavanaugh, the court comprises four liberals appointed by Democratic presidents and five conservatives picked by Republicans

Aids tests come to South Africa’s schools

Only a handful of organisations organise HIV tests in schools in SA, a country hard-hit by the virus that infects 5,7-million people.

SA’s return to Security Council under scrutiny

Rights groups will keep a close eye on South Africa's return to the UN Security Council, where the country's last term drew complaints.

World celebrates with Madiba

Nelson Mandela celebrates his 92nd birthday on Sunday, just one week after the World Cup showed off the successes of democratic South Africa.

Security firms make killing from World Cup

As the Soccer World Cup nears, tourists and foreign businessmen spooked by South Africa's crime rate are hiring bodyguards.

SA’s rampant crime largely spares tourists

Every day South Africa sees about 50 killings, but the startling statistic masks enormous differences among violent crimes, which rarely affect tourists.

Soccer World Cup: More grey than green

South Africa is trying to "green" the Soccer World Cup, but local efforts are struggling to balance out the enormous carbon emissions.

Ostrich farm a symbol of SA’s failed land reforms

Deserted and without running water, an ostrich farm near Pretoria is an example of SA's wobbly efforts to bring black South Africans on to farmland.

Threats and killings: Just another SA election

Threats and disrupted meetings have tarnished campaigning for SA's elections, as the country struggles to fully overcome the legacy of violence.

SADC wants new Zim govt by mid-February

Southern African leaders on Tuesday gave Robert Mugabe and Morgan Tsvangirai until mid-February to form a unity government.

Mugabe threat as Zim crisis summit begins

Southern African leaders opened fresh talks on Monday to end Zimbabwe's political crisis.

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