Chris Makhaye

The downfall of the ANC in Groutville – home to Albert Luthuli

The ruling party has dominated elections in KwaDukuza local municipality since 1994 but got only 49.56% of the vote in the November 2021 local elections

Mining in Richards Bay remains a double-edged sword

Sociopolitical conflict persists in the area because mining operations go hand in hand with filthy lucre that divides communities while devastating their natural environment.

A grave situation in eThekwini

A shortage of burial plots and viable land for new cemeteries has been worsened by the pandemic’s death toll, forcing people to buy rural land on which to bury their loved ones.

Looters remorseful as daily life gets tougher

Some residents in areas affected by the July riots have lost their livelihoods, have to travel far to get to the jobs that remain and walk long distances to unaffected shopping centres

Funeral costs add pain to grief of Covid-19 deaths

Global demand for timber and a huge increase in deaths means the soaring cost of a decent burial is beyond the reach of many impoverished South Africans

Deadly result as state forces seize ‘loot’ in Durban

In Madlala, the police and army broke into homes in an operation to retrieve stolen goods. After they left, a woman lay dead in a pool of her blood behind a shack

Riots leave the dead unburied and the living at risk

Crematoriums, funeral parlours and cemeteries were forced to close, leaving the families of those who died during the unrest to live with their bodies.

Rural women take the Ingonyama Trust to court

Forced to sign lease agreements and pay rent for land they have been living on for years, residents have had enough and are taking the Ingonyama Trust to court

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