Christina Scott

A weather eye on Africa

Christina Scott reports on how South Africa and Egypt are using supercomputers to avert disasters

ICU for Zim’s science agenda

Science takes time. But Zimbabwe's new minister of science and technology development has only been in the job for about a month.

Don’t smoke it, put it in a pill

A Zimbabwean scientist is developing a cheaper rabies vaccine made from tobacco leaves.

Africa’s first satellite ‘fails’

Africa's first communications satellite has suffered an energy failure just 18 months after its launch.

HIV’s evolution

A quick look at health and science across Africa.

Decoding the gifts of the ancestors

South Africa is carrying out an "impressive" amount of genetic research, concludes an analysis in Nature Reviews Genetics this month.

Just a spoonful of fertiliser …

A technique pioneered by African agricultural scientists has helped boost crop yields in exhausted and ancient soils.

Africa gets tough on chemicals

Rwanda has implemented a long-delayed ban on the import and use of chlorofluorocarbon gases that damage the ozone layer.

MPs get close to scientists in Uganda

Five scientists will shadow five legislators in a new pairing scheme being tried out by the Uganda National Academy of Science.

Evolution of a scientist

Want to encourage science? Start with one person at a time.

Giving children a chance to make a difference

"Parents have just handed the problem on to the next generation. We won't see most of the damage -- our children and grandchildren will."

‘It’s going to be a blast’

Mthatha will host the Eastern Cape's first regional science festival from August 26 to 28.

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