Christina Scott

SA researchers notably absent at biosafety launch

South African researchers have been criticised for not attending the launch of a pan-African gathering of biosafety experts.

Science diet will grow Africa

As head of the pan-African science council, Egypt is urging other countries to meet the target spending of 1% of GDP.

Bringing stars down to Earth

Christina Scott reports on South Africa's bid to host a major astronomy project.

TB touches a chord

<i>Touched by TB</i> will have its premier on World Tuberculosis Day at the SciFest Africa in Grahamstown.

Dear Stirling …

Ecologist Dr Bob Scholes has been writing daily emails from the Antarctic to his son about the work he is doing aboard the <i>SA Agulhas</i>.

Second stab at Antarctic

Rewind to 1980: diesel mechanic Johan Nortje was about to live his dream. He was to spend a year at the South African base in the Antarctic.

Wider horizons

Ten South African high school learners return home on a high after attending a sold-out science lecture series in the United Kingdom.

Do science centres work?

Christina Scott asks whether science centres educate or merely entertain.

Concern over science and technology merger

Will science and technology education get pushed out of the way by the public's concern over lousy English and maths skills in primary schoolchildren?

Earth Claw dinosaur rises again

Scientists have unearthed a new species called Aardonyx on a farm in the Free State, writes Christina Scott.

‘Pill-check’ SMS the cure?

An African cellphone hotline that reports when clinics are out of essential drugs could be the solution to government denialism.

Swimming in fuel

The same algae that turns a swimming pool green and nasty could one day fuel your bakkie.

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