Craig Moffat

Foreign policy stance can result in a trust deficit

SA should articulate its decisions better over the war in Ukraine and insurgency in Mozambique

Mswati’s hand seen in eSwatini’s removal from SADC agenda

The omission of Eswatini from the SADC agenda may reinforce the belief that Mswati intends to hold the dialogue on his own terms rather than in the interests of the country

Ukraine crisis is also an opportunity for Africa

Sanctions against Russia, and that country’s blockades of ports, may affect gas, precious metals and wheat supplies – but it also allows Africa to step into the gap

Eswatini national dialogue forum could strengthen foundation for success amid the country’s deep political crisis

Agreeing on the objectives of a national dialogue may seem like a straightforward exercise but, if the foundation is not correctly laid, fissures may appear to the detriment of the process

Lessons King Mswati should learn

Africa’s last monarch has shut schools to stop student protests against his rule — but he should heed previous events that toppled other despots

What’s the fuss about Israel’s observer status at the AU?

Nongovernmental organisations applying for observer status at the African Union are subjected to intense scrutiny but a non-African state merely needs the approval of the AU Commission’s chairperson

A number of countries are offering military support to Mozambique to quell violent extremism in Cabo Delgado

The countries offering training are the SADC, Italy, France, Portugal, Spain and the United States while it appears that Rwanda ‘has plans to deploy’

Lesotho’s political impasse: A case of déjà vu?

Ousted ministers’ splinter party could threaten prime minister’s coalition majority

Malawi elections provide a global lesson in democracy

COMMENT: Opposition candidates and party can increase their chances of success at the polls by putting aside minor differences and presenting a united front

Citizens tired of being played for a fool

The use of a South African Air Force jet by ANC officials without the minister following the required procedures is one such case — and more questions arise on examination of that case

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